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All about Food

All about Food

Chiang Mai is home to thousands of restaurants, making the town a foodies’ heaven. Here again, let our host guide you through the famous Thai cuisine, and recommend you what suites your appetite.
If you wish to stay in and take a tour of Thailand’s most popular dishes, your cook can also prepare for you an assortment of the greatest Thai gastronomic offerings, price will varies according to the menu, feel free to ask your Villa Manager more information before your check-in.

Most famous for its khao soy (a traditional Chiang Mai dish of spicy coconut curry over yellow egg noodles that’s then topped with lime, shallots, pickled greens and fried noodles), Chiang Mai also delivers solid Northern Thai cuisine both at a street and market levels and in its burgeoning selection of more upmarket restaurants. Thanks to its proximity to both Myanmar and Laos there are even more foods to try.

Chiang Mai has fabulous eating, but to you may want to know why, start your day at the fresh market, and discover local handpicked products. You can find cooking classes throughout the country, but Chiang Mai is one of the best places to do one, so ask your Villa Manager to recommend you one, or organize one for your party at the Villa.

Massage, Spa & Wellness


Chiang Mai has a thriving reputation for massage, spa, yoga and wellness.
For many travelers, the Old City is an easy location to get to and offers a range of daily yoga classes from different foreign teachers as well as Thai massage courses. If you want to make yoga a bigger part of your stay in Chiang Mai, just asks your Villa Manager, we can organize private wellness and yoga sessions for some incredible experiences for you and your party at the villa – definitely not your average yoga retreat.
Here below are some of the massages treats you could enjoy.

Traditional Thai Massage I 60 minutes
Experience traditional Thai massage to restore the flow of energy to your body
And enhance general wellness by using stretching and pressing technique
Price I 888 THB net

Relaxing Foot Massage I 60 minutes
Revive tired and weary feet by stimulating your reflex-zones at the pressure points on the various
Area of your feet to relieve swelling and increase blood circulation
Price I 888 THB net

Aromatherapy Massage I 60 minutes
Brighten your mood and relax with a shooting oil and aromatherapy massage by
Gently rubbing oil onto your skin and using gentle acupressure circular hand movements
To reduce stress and tension from your muscles and tendon line
Price I 1,188 THB net

Other activities

Other Activities

Temple Hoping
The mountain top Wat Doi Suthep is the crown jewel of the city’s hundreds of temples, while the old city is packed with a vivid collection of authentic Thai temples, with Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Chiang Man being the most admired.
There are elaborate Buddhist temples on literally every corner and since only a small handful of the major ones make it into guidebooks, our villa manager will certainly recommend you to take some time to simply walk around the Old City and along its outer walls to see what you come across, within the one square mile that is the old moated city, there are an incredible 34 temples. There’s even a temple being covered completely by intricate hammered silver designs and casings, Wat Sri Suphan off of Wualai Road, which is incredible!

If you are in town with us on a Sunday evening, don’t miss Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street which runs from Wat Phra Singh in the center of the old city and goes all the way along Ratchadamnoen Road for about 1.5 kilometers until reaching Tha Pae Gate every Sunday starting around 5:00 pm.
The night market is popular with both locals, Thai tourists and foreign tourists and is where you can find a range of souvenirs, t-shirts, artwork, hand made items and, of course, fantastic local Thai food. Between the size of the market and number of people that go each week, plan on spending a few hours here…But don’t miss it.

Night life
Locals are hanging out mostly around the Nimmanhaemin area and to the north of town. Chiang Maians are a friendly lot, so if you want to check out the local scene, ask our staff to hit the town with them. Chiang Mai can be a lot of fun in the evenings.

Going around

Going Around

One of the most interesting places to wander around is the Nimmanhaemin neighborhood (here we are again..), start at one end and weave in and out of the small sois (streets) to discover a variety of colorful little shops, cafes and bars.

One of the other cool things to do in Chiang Mai is rent a motorbike, and get out for a long ride. Whether you stick to the city or explore other nearby areas, it’s always an adventure. We can easily help you to rent a motorbike at a nearby shop, but be smart and don’t drive if you really don’t know what you’re doing.

If you wish to extend your visit to the nearby provinces, or take a trip to the several hills tribes around Chiang Mai, your Villa Manager can take care of all your transportation needs so that you can concentrate on having the holiday of your lives.